The decision was published 14:00 05 Nov 2018

Olof Palme visiting professorship

The Swedish Research Council has decided that professor Jason J. Czarnezki at Pace University will be the holder of the 2020 Olof Palme visiting professorship.

The 2020 Olof Palme visiting professorship has been awarded Jason J. Czarnezki, professor of environmental law at Pace University, USA. During his time in Sweden, professor Jason J. Czarnezki will be active mainly at Stockholm University.

Please note that only notice in Prisma guarantees that a grant has been approved.

The Olof Palme professorship should be awarded to an internationally prominent researcher focused on topics important to the pursuit of peace in a broad context within the areas of social sciences, humanities, theology and science of law.

We decide on the professorship with two years of advancement. The 2018 decision thus refers to professorship in 2020.

PubliSHED ON 06 September 2018

UpDATED ON 23 November 2018


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