The decision will be published 14:00 20 Nov 2018

Research environment grant: Child and adolescent mental health

The decision for research environment grant within child and adolescent mental health will be published on 20 November.

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PubliSHED ON 06 September 2018

UpDATED ON 06 September 2018


  1. Jörgen Tholin new Secretary General for Educational Sciences

    On 1 January, Jörgen Tholin will take over the position as Secretary General for Educational Sciences at the Swedish Research Council. Jörgen Tholin is a docent in educational sciences and Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Borås.

  2. Conference grant

    Autumn call The Swedish Research Council has decided on applications to be awarded conference grants within the 2018 autumn call. In total, we have approved 38 out of 64 applications and a total grant amount of almost 5.5 million SEK.