PublISHED ON 18 May 2018

UpDATED ON 01 October 2018

Changes relating to your grant

If you have been absent and need more time to complete your research project, or if you would like to switch to a different administrating organisation for example, you can request a change to your grant via Prisma. Here you will find information about the rules associated with different types of changes.

Most of these types of requests must also be signed by another party in Prisma, usually the administrating organisation. The request is forwarded to the Swedish Research Council for consideration once it has been signed by all parties.

The request will be cancelled if it has not been signed by all the required parties within the specified period of time. If that happens, you will need to submit a new request. Please note that other rules apply when the applicant is an organisation.


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  1. Scientific reporting

    Researchers and organisations that must submit a scientific report in 2018 according to their reporting plans must do so using a specific form. You will find the forms here. Please note that different rules apply for grants to research infrastructure...

  2. Financial reporting

    Researchers and organisations receiving grants from the Swedish Research Council must submit financial reports. You will find information on how this is done here. Please note that different rules apply for grants awarded before and as from 2015. Spe...

  3. Several grants simultaneously

    If you intend to apply for several grants from the Swedish Research Council in the same year, there are certain restrictions. The same applies if you are receiving a grant from us and want to apply for a new grant.

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