PublISHED ON 25 May 2018

UpDATED ON 14 June 2018

Swedish Research Council’s Board

The Swedish Research Council’s Board has ultimate responsibility to the Government for our activities. The Board consists of nine members. Six are appointed by researchers at higher education institutions, and three are appointed by the Government.

Board 2016–2018




Agneta Bladh (Chair) (appointed by the Government)

Former State Secretary and Rector

Swedish Research Council

Jan Nilsson (Vice chair)

Professor of Experimental Cardiovascular Research, Department of Clinical Sciences

Lund University

Anders Ekblom (appointed by the Government)


Independent board member

Maria Fällman

Professor of Medical Microbiology, Department of Molecular Biology

Umeå University

Peter Hedström

Professor of Analytical Sociology and Director of the Institute of Analytical Sociology, IAS

Linköping University

Kerstin Jon-And

Professor of Physics, Fysikum

Stockholm University

Britta Lundgren

Professor of Ethnology, Department of Culture and Media Sciences

Umeå University

Björn Ottersten

Professor of Signal Management

Director, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust, SnT

KTH Royal Institute of Technology,


University of Luxembourg

Sven Stafström

(appointed by the Government)

Director General

Swedish Research Council

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Swedish Research Council

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Swedish Research Council


  1. Press, images and logotypes

  2. The three regulations of the Swedish Research Council

    The Swedish Research Council has the task of regulating both the rules that apply to research principals when agreeing to receive visiting researchers, and also the rules that apply to applications for ethical review of research involving humans.

  3. Council for Register Data

    The Council for Register Data advises the Swedish Research Council on policy issues related to register-based research. The members of the Council represent the large register data owners and the research community.

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