PublISHED ON 25 May 2018

UpDATED ON 09 January 2019

Swedish Research Council’s Board

The Swedish Research Council’s Board has ultimate responsibility to the Government for our activities. The Board consists of nine members. Six are appointed by researchers at higher education institutions, and three are appointed by the Government.

Board 2019–2021



Agneta Bladh (chair)

Marika Edoff

Uppsala University

Maria Fällman

Umeå University

Britta Lundgren

Umeå University

Lars Magnusson

Uppsala University

Jan Nilsson

Lund University

Per Persson

Lund University

Sven Stafström

Director General, Swedish Research Council

Mathias Uhlén

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Swedish Research Council


  1. Members of the Swedish Research Council’s board and scientific councils 2019–2021

    The elector council has now appointed new members of the Swedish Research Council’s board and scientific councils for the period 2019–2021. The mandate period is three years, and members may be reappointed for a further three-year period

  2. Handling of personal data


  3. Dates set for calls in 2019

    It has now been decided when our calls will open and close in 2019. Each year, the Swedish Research Council distributes just over 6 billion SEK to research of the highest scientific quality within all scientific fields.