FAQ about Sunet’s Zoom service

Many institutions and organisations linked to research and higher education (HEI) are using Zoom via Sunet. Here we have gathered together frequently asked questions about the security and integrity of the service.

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24 April 2020
The Zoom service from Sunet differs from the public version
Many higher education institutions (HEIs) are using Sunet’s e-meeting service Zoom right now, to conduct remote teaching...
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27 March 2020
Now possible to use part of your grant for research into COVID-19
If you have a grant from the Swedish Research Council, you can now use part of your funding for research related to Sars-CoV-2 and COVID-19 for a limited period.
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18 March 2020
Work and study at home with the help of Sunet
The Government’s recommendations about remote teaching and remote working means that many more people than usual will be using Sunet’s network and IT services...
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17 March 2020
Increased capacity for Zoom users
100 000 more users now have access to the e-meeting service Zoom. This makes it easier for higher education institutions, HEIs, in the Nordic countries to hold their meetings and classes remotely.

PublISHED ON 24 April 2020

UpDATED ON 14 May 2020

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Do you have any other questions?

Please contact the person responsible for Zoom in your organisation.


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