Swedish Research Council responses to COVID-19

Here is a summary of initiatives funded by the Swedish Research Council to date that in various ways supports research into COVID-19.

The funds are from the Government’s 100 million SEK investment into coronavirus research. The Swedish Research Council has set aside a further 100 million SEK to strengthen basic virus research, and around 70 million SEK for international research collaboration and national coordination.


Funding of research

PublISHED ON 17 September 2020

UpDATED ON 25 November 2020

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What has Swedish virus research looked like in recent years?

Read the result of the mapping done due to the pandemic.


  1. Project grant for cross-disciplinary collaboration between China and Sweden on corona and virus research

  2. ALF funds for 2020 can be used next year too

    The coronavirus pandemic has affected the ability of the ALF regions to conduct clinical research. The Government is now making an addition to the ALF agreement, so that the regions can use their 2020 funds also during 2021.

  3. 260 ethically approved COVID-19 studies in Sweden so far

    Since the pandemic begun this spring, 260 clinical studies relating to COVID-19 have been approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority. Getting results from most of these studies will take time, and for several studies it might be a challenge to ...