ESOF 2018

EuroScience Open Forum, ESOF, will take place in Toulouse on 9–14 July. The Swedish Research Council will host one session, on 12 July.


12 July 2018




Palais des Sports, Toulouse

Scicomm researchers and science communicators bridging the divide

Researchers are increasingly realising the importance and benefit of communicating their findings. At the same time, the credibility of research results and the relevance of the scientific method are being questioned in several parts of the world. In light of these contrary trends, it is becoming even more vital that research is communicated.

In an open democratic society, various societal actors and citizens need to have easy access to scientific conclusions and findings and to know how research is being conducted. Science communication as a scientific discipline has important findings to draw upon. However, collaborations between researchers and practitioners in science communication are limited. Recent studies suggest that there is a 'double-disconnect' between scholarship and practice and between the different disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Empirical studies support this.

How can researchers and science communication practitioners work together to improve and increase the impact of science communication and public engagement? How can they better acknowledge each others experiences and skills? And how is digitalisation changing the way they work and how research is communicated to the public? This session will explore ways to improve knowledge sharing between the two groups.


Giuseppe Pellegrini, University of Trento, Italy

Aleksandra Drecun, Intersection, Center for Science and Innovation

Anna Maria Fleetwood, Swedish Research Council

Alexander Gerber, Rhine-Waal University/Institute for Science and Innovation Communication

Melanie Smallman, University College London

Moderator: Cissi Askwall, VA (Public & Science)

PUBLISHED ON 23 November 2018

UPDATED ON 23 November 2018


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