Annual Symposium on Artistic Research 2018

This year’s Symposium will take place in Piteå, at the School of Music, on 14–15 November. The theme is basic research. The idea is to initiate a discussion to clarify differing views. What is applied research, benefit-focused research and thematic research within the field of artistic research?


14 - 15 November 2018


Wednesday 14 November, 13.00–19.00 and Thursday 15 November, 09.00–15.00


Piteå School of Music, part of Luleå University of Technology


Committee for Artistic Research, Swedish Research Council


You can see the entire preliminary programme on the link below

The symposium is aimed at researchers, doctoral students and other actors within the artistic field, and at researchers within other areas who are interested in collaborating with colleagues within artistic research.

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PUBLISHED ON 23 November 2018

UPDATED ON 23 November 2018

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