Nobel Calling Stockholm: Stefan Buijsman

In his lecture on "How maths makes the world more manageable", Stefan Buijsman will tell us about his research in the philosophy of mathematics. The lecture is digital and open to the public. Welcome!


5 October 2020




Digital via Zoom


Swedish Research Council and the Nobel Prize Museum


Registration will close on 5 October

Stefan Stefan Buijsman

How maths makes the world more manageable

Traffic lights, Netflix’s film suggestions and the espresso machine at your local café – they all depend on the simple mathematics we learn at school. What is the origin of maths and why does maths matter? What would our everyday life be like without numbers?

Stefan Buijsman´s research field is the philosophy of mathematics, in particular how children learn and use mathematics. He was born in Holland in 1995 and obtained a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Leiden at the age of eighteen, after which he moved to Sweden and Stockholm University. Within eighteen months, he completed a four-year doctoral degree, making him the youngest PhD in Swedish history. Stefan has also written several popular science books about mathematics, for example Siffrorna i våra liv (Natur & Kultur), a book to date sold to sixteen countries.

This is one of the seminars during Nobel Calling Stockholm, 5–12 October, when the Nobel Prize winners are presented. It is a week when the importance of research, science, literature and peace are in focus.

Read more about Nobel Calling Stockholm at the Nobel Prize Museum website (in Swedish)external link.

PUBLISHED ON 14 September 2020

UPDATED ON 14 September 2020


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