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ESS/MAX IV Online Summit

Come and discuss about how academia and industry in Sweden can increase the societal benefits of the two world-leading research facilities ESS and MAX IV. Welcome to a digital meeting on 14 October. 


14 October 2021






The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova by Office ESS/MAX IV


Please register no later than 12 October

How can well-thought-out strategies increase the use of MAX IV and ESS? How do researchers from academia and industry get the best knowledge and access to the facilities? This year's ESS/MAX IV Summit takes place on 14 October. Through a series of digital workshops, we look forward to sharing your good ideas! 

As a basis for the workshops, you will hear presentations from the facility, industry collaborations and information about current projects and government assignments linked to the facilities.

By participating, you have an excellent opportunity to influence how we together can increase the societal benefits of being the host country for two world-leading research facilities. We will use the views and ideas we receive through these workshops to enhance the use and benefit of ESS and MAX IV.

Moderator for the day is Björn Halleröd.​



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