Migration and super-diversity: Theory, Method and Practice

Welcome to a conference about migration research with a focus on issues around the challenges and opportunities of so-called super-diversity for researchers, policy makers and practitioners, as well as for communities. The conference will be held in English.


17 - 18 March 2022


Konferenscentrum Wallenberg, Univeristy of Gothenburg


Univeristy of Gothenburg in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council


The conference is aimed at researchers within the National research programme within migration and integration. Invitation and link will be sent by email.

The conference will be held in English


Over the last decades, scholars have been searching for better tools, concepts, and methods to describe and analyze new social patterns of diversity and identity arising from migration-driven diversification of the political, social, economic, and cultural landscapes.
The term ‘super-diversity’ has been coined to describe a condition in cities where the arrival of migrants from many different countries, combined with longer established minority populations, results in an extraordinary diversity of cultures, social conditions, identities, languages, and immigration statuses. The combination of these factors means that super-diversity presents unparalleled challenges and opportunities for researchers, policymakers and practitioners, as well as to communities.

Main conference question to be addressed:

  • How can contemporary super-diversity be conceptualized, understood, and researched in urban contexts?

Key questions to be addressed:

  • To what extent is the concept of super-diversity useful to describe and analyze new social patterns, forms and identities arising from migration-driven diversification?
  • How can ‘super-diversity’ shape new thinking on migration and better strategies for immigrant integration?
  • How can diversity research engage with different academic and policy agendas?
  • What methodological challenges and opportunities are diversity researchers facing?

Keynote speaker:

Professor Jenny Phillimore, Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology External link., Professor of Migration and Superdiversity, University of Birmingham.




  1. Rethinking Integration: a comparative mixed methods study of civil society action in vulnerable superdiverse neighbourhoods in Sweden

    A research project within the research program migration and integration.

  2. The rehabilitation and integration of the Holocaust survivors in Sweden

    – a historical study of Swedish aid for survivors of the genocide on the Jews of Europe. A research project within the research program migration and integration.

  3. Lived religion and social mobility among migrants

    A research project within the research program migration and integration.