ESS/MAX IV Summit online 2022

Pandemic, war, climate crisis – the green and digital transition is more urgent and necessary than ever before. What is the role of ESS and MAX IV in this work?


25 November 2022


9.00 – 16.30




Swedish Research Council and Vinnova via the Office for ESS/MAX IV


Registration deadline for digital participation is 23 November

Pandemic restrictions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have put pressure on the research and innovation system. But is has also made it clear that Big Science, such as the research facilities ESS and MAX IV, are crucial for finding answers to burning scientific questions. New vaccines, solutions for phasing out fossil fuels, new environmentally-friendly materials and processes that work in a circular economy – the needs are growing by the day.

This year’s Summit will discuss how the effects of the geopolitical changes in Europe in 2022 impact on the research ecosystem, ESS and MAX IV, and how will be ensure the future competence that is needed to solve the challenges and to benefit fully from the investments being made in ESS and MAX IV.

The moderator is Maria Borelius, and the programme will be in English.

This year’s ESS/MAX IV Summit will be held in Stockholm, and be broadcast live. Opportunities to participate on location are limited, but you are welcome to send a request to emk@vr.se.




  1. Membership of EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC strengthens Swedish research

    As from 1 July, Sweden is a member of the European research infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC. With the membership, Swedish research gains access to a network of international expertise within the area, and also access to the joint small molecule lib...

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    The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is building the world’s largest optical telescope, ELT, in the Chilean desert. Right now, ESO is seeking a number of persons to work on the development of the telescope.

  3. The Swedish Research Council is funding a new organisation for large-scale computational resources

    The Swedish Research Council has approved the application from Linköping University for the call Grant to infrastructure for national computational resources and associated services. The new organisation will become operational on 1 January 2023.