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ERC Reception 2022

We are celebrating researchers in Sweden who have succeded in stiff competition in obtaining project funding from the European Research Council, ERC, in 2021. Invitations are personal.


18 November 2022




The Swedish Research Council, Hantverkargatan 11 B, Stockholm

42 researchers in Sweden received funding from the European Research Council in 2021. The Swedish Research Council is organising a reception to show our recognition to the researchers.

The reception will contain presentations from previous granted researchers and there will be discussions and networking opportunities.


Katarina Bjelke, Director General, Swedish Research Council

David Edvardsson, Director General, Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Anethe Mansén, National Contact Point for ERC

Grantee Talks

Marcus Buggert, Karolinska Institutet, (Starting Grant in LS) Project: Tracing virus-specific CD8+ T cell clonotype zonation and function in humans

Madeline Balaam, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Consolidator Grant in PE) Project: Developing Interaction Design Knowledge and Materials where Technology Touches the Body

Ingvild Almås, Stockholm University (Consolidator Grant in SH) Project: From Household Allocations to Global Inequality: New Methods, Facts and Policy Implications

Johan Sundström, Uppsala University, (Advanced Grant in LS) Project: Enhancing emergency department safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness by artificial intelligence

Moderator Stefan Svallfors, Secretary General for Humanities and Social Sciences

Photo of a person blowing confetti from her hands.

Photo: Hugo Ruiz, Unsplash



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