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How to train doctoral students in science communication

On 25 November, the Swedish Research Council and SUHF are organising a webinar to present a new framework for courses in research communication. The webinar is primarily intended for those responsible for third-cycle education, and doctoral supervisors.


25 November 2022




Digital event on Zoom


SUHF’s expert group for cooperation and the Swedish Research Council


Register no later than 18 November.

Presentation of a new framework for courses

In a new report published on 29 September, the Swedish Research Council, together with a group of scientists and communication experts, present a three-peice framework for how science communication can become a natural part of third cycle education.

During the webinar, the group will present its recommendations and conclusions. The recommendations build on learnings from a pilot course and on group discussions on how especially early carrier researchers can become better equipped to present their research, partake in debate and collaborate with stakeholders outside of academia.

The report raises questions: How can doctoral students from different faculties learn from one another and what kind of support may they expect? How could different scientific disciplines, departments and higher education institutions co-operate both internally and on a national level regarding course content on science communication?

This webinar is primarily intended for those responsible for third-cycle education, and doctoral supervisors.




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