Call for proposals – the Swedish Research Council’s symposium on artistic research 2018

The Swedish Research Council is now inviting researchers within the field of artistic research to submit proposals for presentations at this year’s symposium on artistic research. This year, the symposium is arranged on 14–15 November in Piteå, at the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology, on the theme “Basic research within the field of Artistic Research”. We can receive proposals for presentations up until 15 August.

Basic research is often seen as the opposite of applied research, or benefit-based research.

Within the field of artistic research, there are differing views on what basic research refers to, and the idea behind this year’s symposium is to try to initiate a discussion to clarify these differing views. Another purpose is to problematise artistic research in relation to the development work carried out, both within artistic schools and within artistic practice in the field.

The following issues will be focused on at the symposium:

  • How is basic research regarded in relation to various genres and traditions?
  • What is applied research, benefit-based research and thematic research within the field of artistic endeavour?

In addition to the main theme, which will be addressed in a plenary session and a panel debate, the symposium will also show the breadth and depth of artistic research in progress.

We offer researchers and doctoral students the opportunity to present and discuss their research projects at the symposium to an initiated Nordic and international audience. The presentations may relate to this year’s theme, but this is not a requirement. We also welcome proposals for presentations of artistic research projects that do not consider these aspects.

Practical information

Each presentation will be allocated 20 minutes (excluding a question slot) during the conference.


  • The presentation proposals shall cover a maximum of 1 000 characters.
  • Please also write a brief description of yourself.
  • If several persons are responsible for the presentation, all shall be described briefly.
  • The description shall cover a maximum of 250 characters in total, including blank spaces.
  • Please email the presentation proposal together with the personal description to no later than 15 August 2018.

The conference languages are English and Swedish. Please state in which language your presentation will be held.

The symposium is aimed at researchers, doctoral students and other actors within the artistic field, and at researchers within other areas who are interested in collaborating with colleagues within artistic research. The Committee for Artistic Research at the Swedish Research Council arranges a symposium on artistic research every year. This is the eighth symposium.




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