Jörgen Tholin new Secretary General for Educational Sciences

On 1 January, Jörgen Tholin will take over the position as Secretary General for Educational Sciences at the Swedish Research Council. Jörgen Tholin is a docent in educational sciences and Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Borås.

Jörgen Tholin ny huvudsekreterare för utbildningsvetenskap

Jörgen Tholin's research ranges across both assessment and grading and language didactics, for example the question why young persons choose whether or not to study languages other than English. He is currently the Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Borås, and has been leading a governmental inquiry into grading issues since the spring. He was previously University Director at the University of Gothenburg, and Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University Campus Gotland.

His experiences from operational management will be of benefit in his new role as Secretary General:

"I have experience of overall strategy work from my previous work, which I think may be valuable," says Jörgen Tholin. "But at the same time, it will be both exciting and a big challenge to work more with pure research matters."

He is also looking forward to working for the educational sciences field from a different direction than before.

"It is difficult to get funding for educational sciences research, but here the Swedish Research Council has really contributed in terms of funding of graduate schools."

According to Jörgen Tholin, the graduate schools are of immense benefit within fields such as pre-school education and subjects such as sports, visual arts and crafts.

"I also worked as a teacher in primary and lower secondary schools for 22 years, and have therefore experienced for myself the great need for research for and about the teaching profession, but also realised the importance of really good research communication."




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