PublISHED ON 31 October 2019

UpDATED ON 31 October 2019

Increase the appropriations for undirected research and research infrastructure

Our input to the upcoming Government research bill identifies the issues that we consider the Government needs to address in order to meet the major societal challenges and to achieve the over-riding research policy goals.

The Government’s goal is for Sweden to be one of the world’s foremost research and innovation countries, and a leading knowledge nation.

Read the Swedish Research Council’s input to the upcoming Government bill on research and innovation (in Swedish)

“If we are to address societal challenges and achieve the Government’s goal, then research policy needs to have a long-term perspective and create stable conditions for the various actors in the system,” says Sven Stafström, Director General of the Swedish Research Council. “The areas with currently the most urgent needs for increased resources are undirected research and research infrastructure. At the same time, we must work to ensure the results of research, the newly-obtained knowledge, become of benefit to society more quickly. For this reason, we are also proposing initiatives to provide scientific advice and open access to research results.”

PUBLISHED ON 31 October 2019

UpDATED ON 31 October 2019

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