PublISHED ON 18 March 2020

UpDATED ON 31 March 2020

Deadline for financial reporting is extended to 30 April

As a result of the current COVID-19 situation, the Swedish Research Council has now extended the deadline for financial reporting of grants from us. If you were due to submit a financial report to us by 31 March, you now have one extra month to do so.

Financial reports must now be submitted by 30 April at the latest. This also applies to grants to research infrastructure.

For grants to be reported via Prisma, the dates for the reporting items in question have been updated in the system.

Further instructions and forms for all grants can be found here.

PUBLISHED ON 18 March 2020

UpDATED ON 31 March 2020


  1. 33 million SEK to research into coronavirus and COVID-19

    The Swedish Research Council has made its award decision on the call for project grants for research into coronavirus and COVID-19. A total of 23 researchers will share 33 million SEK during 2020.

  2. Apply for career support for research in basic virology

    Three calls opening on 10 June focus on research into virus and disease conditions caused by viruses. The calls are aimed at researchers at the beginning of their careers. Next year we will issue a call for project grants.