ALF funds for 2020 can be used next year too

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the ability of the ALF regions to conduct clinical research. The Government is now making an addition to the ALF agreement, so that the regions can use their 2020 funds also during 2021.

The regions that receive ALF funding to conduct clinical research, educate physicians, and develop health and medical care have warned that hundreds of millions of kronor in research funding cannot be used during 2020. According to the current ALF agreement, unused funds must be repaid. The Government has decided to enter into an additional agreement that makes it possible for the regions to use this year’s ALF funding also during 2021.

Read the press release on the Government’s website (in Swedish) External link.

Evaluation of research quality is postponed

The pandemic is also creating consequences for the evaluation of clinical research quality in the ALF regions. Because of the great strain placed on health and medical care, the Swedish Research Council has postponed the evaluation until 2022.

About the evaluation of research quality in the ALF regions




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