PublISHED ON 05 November 2020

UpDATED ON 05 November 2020

Three Sweden-based researchers in teams funded by ERC Synergy grants

It has now been decided who will get an ERC Synergy Grant 2020. The grant is aimed at researchers who join up to four other researchers to work in synergy to jointly solve a research question. In total, 34 synergy teams are sharing more than 350 million EUR. Three of them include researchers with Swedish host institutions

This year’s call saw particularly fierce competition: Out of 440 applications, 34 are being funded, compared with last year’s 37 approved applications out of 285. The next call is expected to open in 2022.

University of Gothenburg

Kristian Kristiansen (Sweden), Mark Thomas (United Kingdom) and Kurt Henrik Kjær (Denmark) with the project COREX: From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory

Karolinska Institutet

Andras Simon (Sweden), Auke Ijspeert (Switzerland) and Dimitri Ryczko (Canada) with the project SALAMANDRA: Decoding the organization and regeneration of locomotor neuronal networks in tetrapods by integrating genomics, systems neuroscience, numerical modeling, and biorobotics

Lund University

Heiner Linke (Sweden), Birte Hoecker (Germany) and Paul Curmi (Australia) with the project ArtMotor: Artificial Motor Proteins: toward a designed, autonomous protein motor built from non-motor parts

The ERC website has further figures and a list of all the grant recipients.external link

ERC-funded research often leads to breakthroughs

The ERC funds leading edge research in all scientific fields with large amounts of money every year – but what does the research lead to? An independent evaluation published recently shows that around 80 percent of the research projects reviewed have led to scientific breakthroughs or major scientific advances. The result confirms previous evaluations.

Read the entire study on the ERC’s websiteexternal link

PUBLISHED ON 05 November 2020

UpDATED ON 05 November 2020

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