PublISHED ON 01 December 2020

UpDATED ON 01 December 2020

Digital tool for data management plans now available

The Swedish Research Council has established access to a digital tool for data management plans, DMP Online. Researchers can access DMP Online via their higher education institutions (HEI).

A data management plan makes management of data easier throughout the research process. It contains information about how data is to be structured, stored and made available. The DMP Online tool that is now accessible to Swedish HEIs provides digital support for creating data management plans, based on the Swedish Research Council’s template among others.

The decision of which tool to use to produce and maintain data management plant is made by each HEI. The tool that the Swedish Research Council now has established to support the production of data management plans is therefore one of several possible alternatives.

Do you want to learn more about DMP Online?

HEIs that are interested in the tool can contact Sunet at

If you are a researcher and want to access DMP Online, please contact your HEI in the first instance.

About the tool on DMP Online’s websiteexternal link

Swedish Research Council’s requirements for data management plans

PUBLISHED ON 01 December 2020

UpDATED ON 01 December 2020


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