Maria Hellström Reimer is our new scientific adviser in artistic research

She is a professor of design in theory and practice, but also a visual artist and docent in landscape architecture. With her broad knowledge basis and interdisciplinary experience, Maria Hellström Reimer is looking forward to developing a dialogue about how artistic research can contribute to research as a whole.

Photo of Maria Hellström Reimer

Photo: B. Reimer

The Swedish Research Council’s new scientific adviser in artistic research is Maria Hellström Reimer. She is a visual artist, a docent in landscape architecture and Professor of Design in Theory and Practice at the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University. Her research concerns representation, value and aesthetic action in arts, design and architecture, with particular focus on issues of power and the environment.

Maria Hellström Reimer is a former member of the Swedish Research Council’s Committee for Artistic Research, and was the Director of D!, the national graduate school in design.

“My broad knowledge basis and my interdisciplinary experience are things that I think will be of benefit in a multi-facetted environment, such as the Swedish Research Council. I have a good grasp of where artistic research is going, and my time as a visiting researcher abroad, in places such as MIT in Boston and Parsons The New School in New York, has provided me with other perspectives on Scandinavian artistic research.”

As Scientific Adviser, Maria Hellström Reimer hopes to work on strategic issues in close dialogue with the Committee for Artistic Research, and for additional funding for artistic research.

“I look forward to developing a dialogue about the possible contributions of artistic research to research as a whole, in terms of formulating questions as well as developing methods and forms of expression.”

Maria Hellström Reimer took over as Scientific Adviser in February 2021. In her role, she works alongside the Swedish Research Council's Secretary General for the Humanities, Social Sciences and Artistic Research, Stefan Svallfors.




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