The Swedish Research Council is seeking an HEI to host development research conference in 2022

Every two years, a Swedish higher education institution (HEI) hosts a development research conference in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). We are now seeking an HEI to host the Development Research Conference (DevRes) 2022.

The Development Research Conferences (DevRes) focuses on research into the causes and consequences, and possible solutions of poverty, and into sustainable development and links between sustainable development and the fight against poverty in low income countries.

The purpose is to present results and method approaches within the many disciplines covered by development research, to create a multi-disciplinary forum for researchers in the area, and to provide opportunities for dialogue between researchers, public agencies, organisations and practitioners. In addition to presenting and discussing current development research, there shall also be opportunities for research-based discussions about topical policy issues in development cooperation.

The first conference took place in 2016. The conference we are now seeking a host for is planned for August–September 2022. The conference may be arranged by several HEIs together, and may be carried out digitally in whole or in part if the need arises. The Swedish Research Council, and preliminarily also SIDA and Formas, will contribute funding and also participate in the planning and organisation. The overall theme for the conference shall be decided by the hosting HEI in consultation with the other co-organisers.

Send a note of interest no later than 10 May 2021

10 May 2021 is the deadline for notifying interest in arranging the Development Research Conference (DevRes) 2022. Please send a note of interest to Dan Wilhelmsson at the Swedish Research Council:

The note of interest, which must be no longer than two pages, shall state:

  • that the note of interest is supported centrally at the HEI, as the host HEI as a whole shall be the partner
  • what departments/centres/units of the HEI and any other HEIs and collaborating partners are intended to be part of the organisation
  • why the HEI is suitable to act as host for the conference
  • Reasoning around one or several potential themes for the conference – based on the description of the aims of the conference
  • how a broad participation can be guaranteed in terms of research fields and stakeholders.

On 14–15 June this year, Umeå University is arranging the Development Research Conference (DevRes)

This conference was originally planned for 2020 but was moved forward due to the COVID pandemic. It is our ambition to announce during this conference which HEI will be hosting the conference in 2022.

Read more about and register for the Development Research Conference (DevRes) 2021



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