Need for new national research infrastructure for large-scale computer resources

The Swedish Research Council has initiated a process to establish a new organisation that can meet Swedish research's need for large-scale calculation and storage resources. As a first step, the Council for Research Infrastructures, RFI, at the Swedish Research Council has decided not to renew the funding of the current organisation SNIC (Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing) after 2022.

The Council for Research Infrastructures, RFI, at the Swedish Research Council has decided to call off the ongoing process for renewed funding of the research infrastructure SNIC for the period 2023–2026. RFI also decided to initiate a process to shape the conditions for a new organisation that can meet Swedish research´s need for calculation and storage resources as well as user support.

The reason for these decisions is that SNIC’s organisational structure and funding model do not meet the requirements set by the rapid and complex development within the area, and thus it does not meet the need Swedish research has of calculation and storage resources.

"Access to advanced computational resources, storage of large and sometimes sensitive data and advanced user support are playing an increasing role in research. It is of central importance that Sweden develops an organisation with ability to meet these requirements and take national strategic responsibility", says Björn Halleröd, Secretary General for Research Infrastructures at the Swedish Research Council.

To ensure that researchers in Sweden have access to calculation and storage resources and user support from 2023 onwards, the Swedish Research Council and RFI will now begin work on producing a new call. This will be done in dialogue with users and higher education institutions to identify the needs and requirements that can be placed on a national research infrastructure within the area.

Prior to the transition from today´s SNIC to a new organisation, the Swedish Research Council will work to ensure that researchers´ access to calculation and storage resources is not jeopardised.

"Switching from today´s SNIC to a new organisation will require a lot of work and commitment from all parties involved. It is central that today´s service to the research community is maintained while we build something new to be able to meet the needs of the future", says Björn Halleröd.



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