15 researchers in Sweden to receive an ERC Consolidator Grant

The ERC has published the results of the call for Consolidator Grants. The grants are intended for researchers whose PhDs were awarded 7-12 years ago, and the average grant is 2 million EUR paid across five years. 15 of the researchers to receive a grant have a Swedish host institution. 

In total, 313 researchers from 24 countries in Europe will share 632 million EUR. Among the 15 researchers in Sweden receiving ERC Consolidator Grant, seven are active within life sciences, seven in physical and engineering sciences and one in social sciences and humanities.

In addition to these 15 researchers, five researchers from Swedish universities have received the highest grade (A) and been placed on the ERC reserve list.

Approved research projects

Chalmers University of Technology

  • Christian Müller: Elmo: Electrical Modulation of Elastic Moduli
  • Christoph Langhammer: NACAREI: Nanofluidic Catalytic Reaction Imaging

Karolinska Institutet

  • Ulrika Marklund: divENSify: Dissecting a stepwise principle of cellular diversification to instruct regeneration in the enteric nervous system

KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

  • Tuuli Lappalainen: DOSAGE2FUNC: Gene expression dosage as a driver of cellular and physiological traits
  • Madeline Balaam: Intimate Touch: Developing Interaction Design Knowledge and Materials where Technology Touches the Body
  • Ricardo Vinuesa: DEEPCONTROL: Discovering novel control strategies for turbulent wings through deep reinforcement learning
  • Lisa Prahl Wittberg: fitsCAN: Blood flow induced thrombosis and stenosis due to cannulation – an interdisciplinary study

Linköping University

  • Daniel Aili: PROTECT: Protease Profiling and Triggered Drug Delivery for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Lund University

  • Stanley Heinze: EvolvingCircuits: The evolution of neural circuits for navigational decisions - from synapses to behavior
  • Alexander Pietras: RESISTANCEPROGRAMS: Tumor recurrence and therapeutic resistance: exploring and exploiting the post-radiotherapy brain microenvironment for therapeutic opportunities in malignant brain tumors
  • Anna Runemark: HybridExpress: Hybridization derived novel patterns of gene expression

Stockholm University

  • Ingvild Almås: UNEQUALWITHIN: From Household Allocations to Global Inequality: New Methods, Facts and Policy Implications

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

  • Marie Spohn: PHOSCYCLE: Enlightening the dark side of the phosphorus cycle in terrestrial ecosystems: Turnover of organic phosphorus in soils

Uppsala University

  • Fabien Burki: PlastidOrigin: Testing the paradigm of a single plastid origin in eukaryotes
  • Maria Tenje: PHOENIX: Paving the way for High-throughput Organoid ENgineering using Integrated acoustiX

The ERC website has more statistics and a list of all the grant recipients. External link.



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