The Swedish Research Council recruits Lars Heikensten to assist in ESS negotiations

Lars Heikensten is now attached to the Swedish Research Council to provide support in the negotiations between the ESS member countries about the allocation of future operating costs for the facility. Lars Heikensten took up the position on 1 March, and the assignment lasts until 31 August.

“We are very pleased that Lars Heikensten was able to take on this assignment,” says Sven Stafström, Director General of the Swedish Research Council.

ESS, which is now under construction in Lund, is a prestigious project and one of Sweden’s largest undertakings in terms of investments in advanced research infrastructure, he emphasises.

“The facility will generate important research results and innovations for many years into the future. In the negotiations now about to take place between all the member countries regarding the costs for the operational phase, Lars has the experience and knowledge that are needed, and can help us arrive at the best possible result, both for ESS and for Sweden and the other member countries,” says Sven Stafström.

Lars Heikensten, who has previously held many important international assignments, is now engaging in the work with ESS.

“ESS is an important project, both for Sweden and for Europe as a whole. I am looking forward to contributing to solving the issues that exist in relation to the funding of the project,” says Lars Heikensten.



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