Six researchers in Sweden to receive an ERC Advanced Grant

The ERC has published the results of last years call for ERC Advanced Grant. The average grant is 2,5 million EUR paid across five years. 253 researchers from 21 countries are awarded the grant. Six of them are affiliated to a Swedish host institution.

Among the six researchers in Sweden receiving ERC Advanced Grant, four are active within life sciences, and two in physical and engineering sciences.

In addition to these six researchers, one researcher from a Swedish universitiy has received the highest grade (A) and been placed on the ERC reserve list.

Approved research projects

University of Gothenburg

  • Henrik Zetterberg med projektet FLUBIODEM: Fluid Biomarkers for Neurodegenerativ Dementias
  • Thierry Coquand med projektet: ForCUTT: Formalisation of Constructive Univalent Type Theory

Karolinska Institutet

  • Patrik Ernfors med projektet DescendPain: Descending control of pain

The Swedish Museum of Natural History

  • Love Dalén med projektet PrimiGenomes: Investigating mammalian evolution using million-year genomic transects

Stockholm University

  • Stephan Rosswog: INSPIRATION: From inspiral to kilonova

Uppsala University

  • Johan Sundström: EmergeAI: Enhancing emergency department safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness by artificial intelligence

The ERC website has more statistics and a list of all the grant recipients. External link.



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