New members of the Committee for Development Research

The Swedish Research Council’s Board has appointed new members to the Swedish Research Council’s Committee for Development Research for the period 2022–2024.

The Committee for Development Research has nine members who represent research areas relevant to low income and lower middle income countries.

The Swedish Research Council appoints the chair and members, three of whom are appointed based on proposals from the research funding bodies Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, and Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and six based on proposals from the Swedish Research Council's three scientific councils.


Ingrid Öborn, Professor, Dept. Crop Production Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (reappointed)

New members

  • Raine Isaksson, Senior lecturer, Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Uppsala University
  • Ninna Nyberg Sørensen, Professor, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Maja Schlueter, Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University
  • Stefan Swartling Peterson, Professor, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet

Reappointed members

  • Anna-Karin Hurtig, Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Global Health, Umeå University
  • Kerstin Jonsson Cissé, Head of the Research Cooperation Unit, Sida
  • Tomas Sundnes Drønen, Professor, Global Studies and Religion, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway
  • Anders Tegnell, Senior expert, Public Health Agency of Sweden

Read more about the Committee for Development Research and their work at the Swedish Research Council




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