How a joint platform for communicating research can become reality

Many Swedish actors want it to become easier to partake of research-based knowledge. This is shown in a new study that Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science) has produced on behalf of the Swedish Research Council.

The study, which continues to build on the mapping Forskning. Framsyn from 2020, makes proposals for how national collaboration to increase access to research and research results can be realised.

The work has included mapping wishes and needs of different target groups, and also investigating possible contents and envisaged services. This has been done by means of interviews, workshops and contacts with organisations that work with platforms in other countries.

“There is a lot of interest in a broad-based national collaboration on science communication. Common arguments are that this would create synergies, more efficient use of resources and greater impact,” says Cissi Askwall, Secretary General of Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science).

Mikael Jonsson, Director of Communications at the Swedish Research Council, highlights how the pandemic and the war in Ukraine has increased the need to reach out with research-based knowledge, and that the timing for a national platform is right.

“To create the preconditions for national collaboration on a platform, we now need a dialogue, co-creation and development over several stages. This is something that the Swedish Research Council will be initiating soon.”

Read the report Research for all! A proposal for a Swedish platform for communicating science (in Swedish)

The report will be published in English shortly.

Read more: National collaboration the way forward for successful science communication

The study is presented on 6 October

The results from the study will be presented and discussed at a webinar (in Swedish) on 6 October. There will also be opportunities to ask questions. Welcome!

Read more about the webinar (in Swedish)




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