Give your opinion on the EU’s framework programme for research and innovation

The European Commission is currently holding an open consultation, where researchers and other actors can contribute with their experiences and opinions about the EU’s framework programme for European research and innovation collaborations. The deadline for submitting opinions is 23 February 2023.

What lessons can we learn from Horizon 2020? What do we need more of, or less of, in the current framework programme Horizon Europe? And what inputs are important for the upcoming strategic plan for Horizon Europe 2025–2027? You can now give your opinion about the EU’s framework programme for research and innovation.

The Swedish Research Council is responding to the European Commission’s consultation based on our experience as a member of several partnership programmes and our role as an expert public agency on research policy issues, with national contact point (NCP) responsibilities in several areas.

“I hope more actors in the research community will take part in the consultation. The EU is an integral part of Swedish research policy, and it is important that the framework programme and the national systems are designed so that they support each other. By taking part, you have the chance to influence the development of the framework programme of the future, so that it creates the right conditions for strengthened Swedish participation,” says Johan Lindell, Head of the Department of Research Policy at the Swedish Research Council.

During spring, the Swedish Research Council will also begin the work of identifying the policy issues within Horizon Europe that are extra important for Swedish basic research and Swedish research infrastructures. This documentation will support both the Swedish Research Council’s expert assignment within Horizon Europe’s programme committees, and also the report about future choices that the Swedish Research Council will be completing during spring 2023 and that is also part of the input to the Government’s research policy bill in 2024.

The consultation is open up to and including 23 February.

Read more about the consultation on the European Commission’s website External link.

National strategy for Swedish participation in Horizon Europe 2021–2027 (in Swedish) External link.

The Swedish Research Council’s work within the EU’s framework programme




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