Six researchers in Sweden to recieve an ERC Proof of Concept Grant

It has now been decided who will recieve an ERC Proof of Concept Grant in the last call 2022. Six of the researches awarded the grant is affiliated to a Swedish university.

The ERC Proof of Concept funding is made available to those who already have an ERC award, and will cover activities at the very early stage of turning research outputs into a commercial or socially valuable proposition.

In 2022, two calls took place. The second call, ERC PoC2, had a total of three deadlines. Now the results from the third and last round have arrived. 90 researchers from 18 different countries were awarded this grant, worth 150 000 euro. Six of those are affiliated to a Swedish university.

Chalmers university of technology

  • Maria Asplund: ProBER, Personalined Bioelectronics for Epithelial Repair

University of Gothenburg

  • Giovanni Volpe: IFLAI, Virtual tissue staining by deep learning

Linköping University

  • Feng Gao: Cremoso, Cost-Effective Charge-Transport Materials for New-Generation Solar Cells

Lund University

  • Filipe Pereira: NeoIDC, Neoantigen Identification with Dendritic Cell Reprogramming
  • Charlotte Ling: Proceed, Pharmacoepigenetics for precision medicine in type 2 diabetes

Uppsala University

  • Gabriele Messori: ICE-MOT, Impacts of Climate Extremes from Mining of Online Texts

The ERC website has more statistics and a list of all the grant recipients External link.



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