National research programme in segregation launches strategic research agenda and a new call

The Swedish Research Council is responsible for a ten-year national research programme in segregation. There is now a strategic research agenda in place, to guide the work forward.

The goal of the research programme in segregation is to contribute knowledge that can reduce segregation and create equal conditions in childhood, adolescence and later life, and good life chances for all. This includes, for example, new knowledge about significant differences between different areas and town districts in Sweden, in terms of factors such as school results, education level, occupation, income, health, life span, security, participation in democracy, and involvement in cultural life.

The research programme is part of the Government’s strategy and action plan to reduce and counteract segregation in Sweden. It is hoped that the research programme will contribute knowledge that can form the basis for reforms that reduce and counteract segregation.

The research agenda indicates the direction

The strategic research agenda, which has now been finalised, indicates the principal activities and focuses of the research programme. It also serves as a strategic foundation for how the programme shall be designed over time, and forms a road map for the programme. The research agenda has been developed by the Swedish Research Council in consultation with both researchers and practicians in the scientific field.

Three principal activities for the programme:

  • Initiating research into segregation.
  • Strengthening the long-term development of the research field.
  • Promoting accessibility and dissemination of research and knowledge about segregation, in order to contribute to knowledge-based practice.

The agenda also includes a description of actors working within the field in Sweden, a description of the research funding of the field, and a description of the conditions and needs of the research field.

Research agenda for the national research programme in segregation (in Swedish)

New call for research environment grant

On 1 February, the Swedish Research Council issued a call for a research environment grant in segregation. The grant is intended to create added value through collaboration in larger groupings, and to create a long-term perspective. The applicant shall be a cluster of several researchers from different higher education institutions and/or disciplines, nationally or internationally. The first call under the programme was issued last year.

Research environment grant in segregation

The Swedish Research Council is responsible for six national research programmes

The Swedish Research Council, Formas and Forte have been mandated by the Government to lead a number of national research programmes focusing on various societal challenges. The first programmes started in 2017. By 2022, the mandate had been expanded to 13 programmes in total, all with different focuses. The Swedish Research Council is responsible for six of these.

All programmes are broad, ten-year initiatives, aimed at coordinating research within a particular field. Each programme gathers together research funding bodies, research-producing bodies and societal actors, who will work together to improve our ability to manage the societal challenges indicated by the Government.




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