Record number of researchers in Sweden to get ERC Advanced Grant 2022

It has now been decided who will get ERC Advanced Grants under last year’s call. 218 researchers from 20 different countries are awarded the grant. 13 of them are affiliated to a Swedish host institution. A new record for Sweden!

ERC Advanced Grant is intended for active researchers who have a track-record of significant research achievements in the last ten years, and the averaget grant is 2,5 million EUR. Under the call 2022, 218 researchers from 20 countries will share 544 million EUR. 

Among the 13 researchers in Sweden receiving ERC Advanced Grant, 6 are active within life sciences, 6 within social sciences and humanitites and 1 within physical sciences and engineering.

In addition to these 13 researchers, two researcher affiliated to a Swedish host institution has received the highest grade (A) and have been placed on the ERC reserve list.

–This is a record year for Sweden for the number of research projects approved. It it is extra fun that the number of approved projects within humanities and social sciences is increasing. Sweden’s approval rate of 19 % is also higher than the overall approval rate for ERC Starting Grants, which is 13 %, says Anethe Mansén, national contact person for the ERC.

Approved projects

University of Gothenburg

  • Fredrik Backhed with the project IMPACT: Imidazole propionate and fibrosis in cardiometabolic diseases
  • Randi Hjalmarsson with the project POLICE-PRISONS-FIRMS: Breaking the Inequality-Crime Cycle: Biases in Police Decisions, 'What Works' in Prison, and Firm Demand for Workers with Criminal Records

Karolinska Institutet

  • Gonçalo Castelo-Branco with the project SingleMS: Unveiling the functional outcome of single nucleotide polymorphisms and variants in oligodendroglia in multiple sclerosis
  • Maria Eriksson with the project SOMATICART: Somatic mutations in vascular-wall function and age-associated disease
  • Björn Högberg with the project qScope: The sequencing microscope - a path to look at the molecules of biology

Lund University

  • Oskar Hansson with the project ADVANCE-AD: Novel biomarkers for improving diagnostics, prognostics, and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sara Linse with the project CHAPLIN: Chaperone action - a thermodynamic view
  • Lennart Olsson med projektet PERENNIAL: Is there a PERENNIAL future of agriculture?

Stockholm University

  • Jonas Tallberg with the project DEMCOOP: Democracy, Autocracy, and International Cooperation
  • Maja Schlueter with the project TRANSMOD: Building models of, with and for sustainability transformations
  • Jakob Svensson with the project MISSINGMARKETS: It’s (also) what you produce: Experimental Evidence on Creating Markets for Quality in Low-income Countries

Uppsala University

  • Sebastian Deindl with the project DONUTS: Dependence Of NUcleosome Transactions on Sequence
  • Ashleigh Harris with the project ALMEDA: African Literary Metadata

The ERC website has more statistics and a list of all the grant recipients. External link.

Sweden and ERC Advanced Grant over time

Over the last five years, 39 researchers affiliated to a Swedish host institution have received an ERC Advanced Grant.

Diagram showing number of grants awarded per subject are and year.

Number of grants awarded per subject area and year. Source: ERC

Swedish Research Council and ERC

The Swedish Research Council works to encourage more Swedish researchers to apply for and be awarded ERC grants. Some of our work consists of arranging interview training for researchers who have been selected for stage 2 of the application process. We also organise webinars with information about upcoming ERC calls.

If you have questions, please contact Anethe Mansén, national contact point (NCP) for ERC:




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