Two researchers in Sweden to receive funding from COST, the EU’s network programme

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is funding 60 network projects that aim to promote collaboration between academia, business, the public sector, and research institutes. Two of the projects receiving funding are coordinated by researchers at Swedish higher education institutions.

The majority of the 60 network projects, known as ‘COST Actions’, receiving funding are within the fields of natural sciences (47 per cent) and social sciences (37 per cent).

COST funds the coordination of the projects and costs for network activities, such as meetings, communication activities, and short visits by junior researchers to other research teams within the project. Each project receives up to 125 000 EUR during the first year, and 150 000 EUR per year for the next three years.

Approved projects with a Swedish coordinator

Wei Wang: European Network for Multiple View Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Wei Wang is a senior lecturer at the Division of Intelligent Production System at the University of Skövde. He is awarded funding for the project “European Network for Multiple View Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment”, a network between academia, industry, and policy-makers to develop methods and software tools for practical sustainability assessment. 53 organisations from 23 countries take part in the network, which will be developing methods for assessing sustainability from different perspectives and promote broad application of sustainability assessment.

Niklas Wahlberg: Utilizing 10,000 genomes of European Lepdioptera

Niklas Wahlberg is a professor in biologic systematics at Lund University, and researches molecular systematics in butterflies (Lepidoptera). He was awarded funding for the project “Utilizing 10,000 genomes of European Lepidoptera”, which will gather researchers and amateurs to collaborate on the generation and analysis of genomic data.

See more statistics on COST's website External link.

Each year, COST funds around 60 new network projects, which run for four years. The programme issues calls once every year. The deadline for the 2024 call is 23 October. It is also possible to apply to take part in ongoing projects.

Read more about the application process on COST:s website External link.



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