PublISHED ON 25 October 2018

UpDATED ON 23 November 2018

New perspectives on data management and open research data in the Nordic countries

On October 3rd, the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with NordForsk and Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration arranged a workshop on the topic of good data management. The focus was strategic work on data management issues, enhancing FAIRness and open access to research data, and exploring potential for Nordic collaboration.

Download presentations from the day

The State of Open Science in the Nordics – an overviewPDF (pdf, 8.1 MB)
Andreas Jaunsen, NordForsk/NeIC

The FAIR-principles as guiding principles in open access to research dataPDF (pdf, 1.6 MB)
Sarah Jones, DCC & FAIR Data Expert Group

Policy for open research data at University of OsloPDF (pdf, 397.9 kB)
Elin Stangeland, University of Oslo Library

Outcomes from FAIR data management in Humanities researchPDF (pdf, 1.1 MB)
Johan Åhlfeldt, Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Gothenburg

Towards FAIRness in research data in the Nordic countriesPDF (pdf, 2.8 MB)
Per Öster, Director, Research Infrastructures & Policy at CSC - IT Center for Science.

Towards FAIRness: some reflections from an Earth Science perspective (CC-BY 4.0)PDF (pdf, 632.1 kB)
Maggie Hellström, Lund university

Research funders and work with DMPs in FinlandPDF (pdf, 657 kB)
Jyrki Hakapää, Academy of Finland, (via Skype)

Norwegian national policies and principles on Open Research DataPDF (pdf, 754.4 kB)
Ulrike Jaekel, The Research Council of Norway

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PUBLISHED ON 25 October 2018

UpDATED ON 23 November 2018

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