PublISHED ON 17 December 2018

UpDATED ON 17 December 2018

By 2019, all who receive grants from us must have a data management plan

As from spring 2019, if you are awarded a grant from the Swedish Research Council you must have a plan for how the research data generated within your project shall be managed.

You must not send in your data management plan to us when you apply for a grant, but your administrating organisation will be responsible for ensuring that a data management plan is in place when you start your project or corresponding, and that the plan is maintained. 

Open access to research data

The 2017 appropriation document instructed the Swedish Research Council to coordinate the national work of introducing open access to research data. The requirement for a data management plan is one step in the work on this assignment.

More information on our work with open access to research data and data management plans will be available on shortly.

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PUBLISHED ON 17 December 2018

UpDATED ON 17 December 2018

Frågor om Vetenskapsrådets utlysningar

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Frågor om Vetenskapsrådets utlysningar


  1. Are sex and gender perspectives relevant in your research?

    For some of our calls in 2019, we will be asking all who apply for a grant from us to describe if sex and gender perspectives are relevant in their research.

  2. Open access to publications

    A condition for receiving a grant from us is that you publish your research articles so that they are available to all, free of charge on the internet. We only accept articles that are published with open access in your reporting on grants.

  3. Conducting ethical research

    There are a number of regulations you are obliged to follow when conducting research. Before you start your research, you must ensure you have the permits and approvals required. When you apply for a grant from the Swedish Research Council, you must ...