PublISHED ON 21 August 2019

UpDATED ON 21 August 2019

Apply for ERC funding this autumn

This autumn large amounts of research funding are made available for applicants by the European Research Council (ERC). All calls are open for all subject areas. The Swedish Research Council supports researchers and research officers at Swedish higher education institutions in the application process.

  • Advanced Grant (closes 29 August)
    This call is aimed at established researchers. You may apply for a grant to cover 5 years and a total of 2.5 million EUR.
  • Proof of Concept (closes 19 September)
    Those who have already received funding from the ERC have the opportunity of applying for further funding under the Proof of Concept call. You may apply for 150 000 EUR to cover 18 months.
  • Starting Grant (closes 16 October)
    The Starting Grant is aimed at researchers at the beginning of their careers, who were awarded a doctoral degree 2–7 years ago. You may apply for 1.5 million EUR to cover 5 years.
  • Synergy Grant (closes 5 November)
    The Synergy Grant is aimed at teams of 2–4 researchers, who are addressing a joint research project. The research team may apply for a grant to cover 6 years and a total of 10 million EUR.


Read more about the calls and apply on the ERC’s website.external link

Read more about the Swedish Research Council’s work with the ERC and how we support researchers

PUBLISHED ON 21 August 2019

UpDATED ON 21 August 2019



  1. Six Sweden-based researchers in teams funded by ERC Synergy grants

    The ERC has now published the results from the Synergy grant call. The grant is aimed at research teams with two to four researchers who work in synergy to jointly solve a research question. In total, 37 research teams are sharing more than 360 milli...

  2. ERC competition to promote research communication

    The ERC has launched a competition to encourage ERC researchers to try to make their research reach out to the wider public. The winners will be presented at a prize-giving ceremony at next year’s EuroScience Open Forum, ESOF, in Italy.

  3. 14 researchers in Sweden to receive an ERC Starting grant

    It has now been decided who will get an ERC Starting grant. In total, 408 researchers will share more than 6 billion SEK, to be used in developing their research and building up their own teams. 14 of them have a Swedish host institution.