Research projects in antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

Research relating to antibiotics and antibiotic resistance can receive support via a number of different grants for which the Swedish Research Council issues calls. Examples are grants for research time for clinicians, international postdoc grants, and research environment grants. The projects awarded funding from the Swedish Research Council 2018–2021 are listed here.

The research projects are categorised according to the six priority areas of the national research programme. Each area is described in detail in the programme’s strategic research agenda (in Swedish). External link.


The area provides knowledge about responsible use of antibiotics and how measures for preventing and controlling the spread of disease among humans and animals are developed and evaluated.


The area provides knowledge that enables the development and evaluation of monitoring of resistance and care-related infections.


The area uses research initiatives to develop and introduce better diagnostics of resistant infections in humans and animals.

Medicines and vaccines

The area uses research initiatives to increase the current therapy alternatives for humans and animals by developing new antibiotics or alternatives to antibiotics, and by improving existing antibiotics.


The area aims to provide increased knowledge about the role of the environment in the origin and spread of antibiotic resistance, and the effect that emissions of antibacterial substances and resistant bacteria in the environment have had on the health of humans and animals.


The area aims to provide knowledge about the origin of antibiotic resistance, the transfer of genes for resistance between bacteria, developed models for infection spread, and knowledge of how society and care factors impact on the development and spread of antibiotic resistance

To date, no research project has received funding in this area.

The Government established seven national research programmes in 2016

The programmes run for ten years, and the Swedish Research Council is responsible for two of them: Antimicrobial resistance and Migration and integration.

Formas is responsible for the research programmes Food, Climate, and Sustainable spatial planning. Read about the programmes on Formas’ websiteLänk till annan webbplats. External link.

Forte is responsible for the research programmes Applied welfare research, and Working life research. Read about the programmes on Forte’s website External link.




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