National research programme within migration and integration

The Swedish Research Council is responsible for a ten-year national research programme within migration and integration. The programme shall contribute to meeting major societal challenges within the area, and to create powerful synergies between different actors.

Participants in the programme

The programme committee includes representatives from Formas (Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning), Forte (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare), The Swedish Migration Agency, Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) and Delmi (the Migration Studies Delegation).

Among other things, they have given advice on how the research agenda should be designed, implemented and updated. A reference group with researchers within Humanities, Social Sciences, Development Research Educational Sciences and Medicine and Health has also contributed to the work.

Programme goals

  • illuminate all aspects of migration, migrants and integration
  • increase knowledge about the prerequisites for creating inclusive societies
  • cover research into both short-term and long-term causes and consequences of migration, such as economic, demographic and social aspects
  • contribute to links between research and higher education
  • contribute to gender equality
  • contribute to increasing the impact of research results in society in the form of development, knowledge accumulation, evidence-based policies and administration.

Calls for funding proposals

The first call under the programme was made in spring 2018. Researchers in different scientific fields could apply for research environment grants, read the grant decisions.

In spring 2019 a call for Project grant for research into migration and integration was made, read the grant decisions.

Strategic research agenda leads the way

A strategic research agenda focuses on knowledge needs and identifies what activities are needed to fulfil the purpose of the national research programme – to strengthen research within the area of migration and integration and promote the spread of research results.



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The Migration Studies Delegation, Delmi, spreads knowledge about migration issues and their impact on society. Delmi’s website has links to of relevant organisations and public authorities, in both Sweden and other countries.

On the Delmi website you find links to stakeholders, policy briefs and upcoming seminars. External link.

Migration Research Hub is a website for migration research created by CrossMigration, an EU-funded project led by the European research network IMISCOE.

On the site you can search for research, results, taxonomy and experts. External link.


National research programme


  1. Rethinking Integration: a comparative mixed methods study of civil society action in vulnerable superdiverse neighbourhoods in Sweden

    A research project within the research program migration and integration.

  2. The rehabilitation and integration of the Holocaust survivors in Sweden

    – a historical study of Swedish aid for survivors of the genocide on the Jews of Europe. A research project within the research program migration and integration.

  3. Lived religion and social mobility among migrants

    A research project within the research program migration and integration.