National research programme in viruses and pandemics

The Swedish Research Council is responsible for a ten-year national research programme in viruses and pandemics. The research programme is part of the Government’s long-term strategy and action plan to counteract and reduce virus outbreaks and pandemics.

Goals of the research programme

The programme shall contribute new knowledge about viral diseases and the infectious properties and methods of different viruses, how viruses are transferred from animals to humans, the development of new medicines, vaccines and therapies, and how knowledge about equal and gender-equal health can be safeguarded during a pandemic. To build up preparedness ahead of future pandemics, we also need knowledge about the economic and social effects of large and long-term societal spread.

The research programme shall initiate research into identified and prioritised knowledge gaps, and also contribute to increasing the impact of research results in society.

Participating actors

The programme committee includes representatives from Formas, Forte, Vinnova, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), the Swedish National Veterinary Institute (SVA) and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE).

Focus groups with researchers in the relevant disciplines will also be linked to the programme.

This is one of four new national research programmes that the Swedish Research Council has been mandated by the Government to establish.

Read more about the mandate in the Government’s Research Policy Bill for 2021–2024 External link. (in Swedish)



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National research programme in viruses and pandemics


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