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Physics and engineering sciences

Research infrastructure

Physics and engineering sciences

DESIREE– Double ElectroStatic Ion Ring ExpEriment 

Storage rings at Stockholm University for atomic, molecular and chemical physics.

DESIREE is a facility for studying atomic and molecular ions at Stockholm University.

DESIREE consists of two ion storage rings, with a joint straight section, where two ion beams overlap and where reactions between individual pairs of ions can be studied in detail. Beams of atomic and also molecular ions can be stored; the latter can for example consist of single molecules, complex bio-molecules or clusters of atoms or molecules. In addition to studying reactions between different types of ions, inherent characteristics of these systems can also be studied with the help of advanced lasers.

Using DESIREE, processes within fundamental atomic and molecular physics can be studied, with applications in areas such as astrophysics, atmospheric physics and biomolecular physics. The research is focused on stability issues and slow decay of positive or negative ions of atoms, molecules or atom clusters, photo-absorption spectroscopy of cold ions, reactions between individual pairs of positive and negative ions, fragmentation and reaction dynamics and studies of the characteristics of biomolecular systems in vacuum and in solution.

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PubliSHED ON 18 October 2018

UpDATED ON 19 November 2019

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This infrastructure is funded by the Swedish Research Council.