Research infrastructure

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Research infrastructure

Life sciences

EATRIS-ERIC – European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine

European distributed infrastructure for translational research. Provides research services in the form of infrastructure and expertise to clients from academia and industry.

European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine, EATRIS-ERIC, supports the development of new medicines, diagnostic methods and vaccines within pre-clinical and clinical research.

The infrastructure consists of a consortium of more than 80 different academic centres in Europe, where Sweden is included as a node with seven national centres, coordinated from Uppsala University since 2015 (official status as member since 2018). Through EATRIS-ERIC, researchers can gain access to various resources necessary for translational development of new medicines, such as existing infrastructures, specialised equipment, expert knowledge, education, sample collections and guidance through regulatory processes.

EATRIS-ERIC consists of five product platforms that together cover translational medical research: Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, ATMP, which includes gene therapy and regenerative medicine, bio-markers, medical imaging and trace molecules, small molecules and vaccines.

EATRIS-ERIC offers matching of researchers, pharmaceutical industry and academic research centres to support inter-disciplinary collaboration within medical research. EATRIS-ERIC can also offer support from a multi-disciplinary team throughout the development process, from proof-of-concept to clinical trials.



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This infrastructure is funded by the Swedish Research Council.