Research infrastructure

Research infrastructure

ILL and Super-Adam

Facility for neutron scattering in France for research into several scientific fields, such as materials and life sciences and chemistry. Sweden contributes to Super-Adam, a neutron reflectometer at ILL.

Sweden is a member of the European neutron research facility ILL. The laboratory is located in Grenoble in France, and has around 40 different instruments, spanning all types of neutron scattering techniques. The users come from many research fields, from physics and biology to cultural heritage. Swedish researchers are relatively evenly spread across the different types of instruments/techniques that exist at ILL, with a certain weighting towards reflectometry, small-angle scattering and inelastic methods.

A neutron reflectometer at the facility, SuperADAM, is operated by Uppsala University. The instrument has two settings: a high-flow setting that is used mainly for research into soft matter, and a low-flow/high-resolution setting that is suitable for measurements of magnetic materials and allows precise polarisation analyses. SuperADAM can be used to investigate average plane structure in thin films at a level that is between a couple of nanometres to hundreds of nanometres, and to show depth distribution of light elements in thin films, polymer interfaces and solid/fluid interfaces, as well as the magnetic structure of thin films.

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