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Research infrastructure


NeIC – Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration

Nordic cooperation for collective e-infrastructure projects. The cooperation consists of a number of projects within different subject areas, among them the Nordic computing resources within WLCG (see CERN under Physics and engineering sciences) and computer resources for sensitive data within the Elixir collaboration in the Nordic countries.

NeIC is a Nordic initiative aimed at facilitating and supporting the development of joint e-infrastructure solutions for Nordic research teams. NeIC was established in 2012 and is organisationally a part of Nordforsk. The cooperation started in 2003 in the form of the pilot project Nordic Data Grid Facility (NDGF), which resulted in the development and implementation of the first, and only, distributed Tier 1 service within the WLCG cooperation.

In addition to the core operation with the Nordic Tier 1 cooperation, NeIC’s activities have gradually expanded to cover more scientific fields. For example, NeIC has started activities within two new areas, life sciences and medicine, and generic services within e-infrastructure. The aim of these is to contribute to creating new, joint e-infrastructures for the Nordic research teams that may benefit from collective solutions.

NeIC is funded jointly by Nordforsk and the five Nordic countries.

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PubliSHED ON 18 October 2018

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This infrastructure is funded by the Swedish Research Council.