Research infrastructure


Research infrastructure


SNIC – Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing 

A national computer infrastructure that provides computer resources for large-scale computation operations and storage in all disciplines. Provides advanced user support for both national computer resources and resources within PRACE.

SNIC offers national HPC (high performance computing) resources and data storage for academic research in Sweden. The head office, which is responsible for strategy and budget, is located at Uppsala University and coordinates the resources and services provided by six distributed computing centres.

From north to south, these centres consist of: HPC2N at Umeå University, UPPMAX at Uppsala University, PDC at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, NSC at Linköping University, C2SE at Chalmers University of Technology and Lunarc at Lund University. The HPC resources that are available within SNIC range from those traditionally known as super-computers, to computer clusters of standard design.

Nationally available storage resources are provided within SNIC through the Swestore project. Swestore is used for storage in the short and medium term, and also for making data accessible to other researchers, either through open access or according to agreed limitations. Some scientific fields that are large-scale users of Swestore are climate and environmental research, life sciences, and also high-energy physics (through WLCG). Research projects apply for computer time and storage resources at SNIC, and are then assessed according to scientific merit and technical feasibility.

In addition to hardware resources, SNIC also coordinates certain types of advanced user support, provided by experts within e-science. They offer expert knowledge of and support for SNIC’s hardware, and also support to Swedish researchers using PRACE resources.

SNIC represents Sweden in EGI (European Grid Infrastructure) and EUDAT.



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This infrastructure is funded by the Swedish Research Council.