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Research infrastructure

E-infrastructure, Life sciences, Humankind, culture and society

RUT – Register Utiliser Tool

A web-based metadata tool where researchers can search and combine metadata from Swedish registers, including public authority registers and quality registers, as well as biobank sample collections.

Register Utiliser Tool (RUT) is developed and financed by the Swedish Research Council. The service makes it easier for researchers to get a quick and quality-assured overview of what variables are available in Swedish registers, how suitable they are to use in a study and whether and how they can be linked together. All registers in the tool are structured according to the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM).

Read about GSIM on an external wiki. External link.

The user can search for variables and concepts without knowing their exact name or in which register they exist. The variables can then be saved and analysed in a selection list, which can be helpful in a dialogue with the register holder regarding a potential data order.

Most of metadata and concepts in RUT are in Swedish. Semantic mapping to international ontologies and terminologies has been carried out in some registers connected to RUT and is ongoing in other registers. Such mapping enables machine readability and multilingualism in the languages implemented by the ontologies or terminologies.

Currently there is metadata from a number of registers and subregisters in RUT, and the tool is constantly updated with metadata from new registers.

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