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Research infrastructure

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Clinical Studies Sweden

A collaboration between Sweden’s six healthcare regions, aimed at strengthening the prerequisites for conducting clinical studies in Sweden.

The collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden consists of six nodes that work to strengthen the the prerequisites for conducting clinical studies in Sweden. An important part of the collaboration consists of development initiatives, aimed at finding solutions to joint national challenges.

The nodes can assist with

  • support to companies and researchers in feasibility requests (investigate whether there are clinics that can perform a clinical study)
  • support in the work with a clinical study, from idea to archiving (such as study protocols, permit applications, data management and statistics)
  • training within clinical research methodology (such as GCP and statistics)
  • contacts to experts engaged in clinical studies (such as statistics, epidemiology, health economics)
  • contacts to regional resources (such as research units, quality register centres, biobanks, and cancer centres).

Further information about the nodes and contact details are available on External link..
There is also a step-by-step guide that describes the study process and what you need to consider when conducting a clinical study, good examples of clinical research, an overview of available statistics in the area, and information about participating in a clinical study.



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