Beredningshandbok naturvetenskap och teknikvetenskap

Observera att beredningshandboken enbart finns på engelska.

The review process for applications submitted to the Swedish Research Council’s Scientific Council for Natural and Engineering Sciences is now underway. Naturally, each one of us involved is committed to working towards the best possible final result in allocating research funds. A condition for achieving this goal is access to good information regarding all aspects of the review process. This review handbook is intended to give you, as a reviewer, the basic support necessary to carry out your task in the best way.

The review handbook contains instructions and guidelines on the review process and on how to review the various types of grants offered by the Scientific Council for Natural and Engineering Sciences. It contains information about the Swedish Research Council’s general guidelines and the policies specific to the Scientific Council for Natural and Engineering Sciences. In the review handbook you will also find practical information on how to grade the grant applications, as well as instructions on how to write the preliminary and final statements. Although the goal of the review process is to allocate the Scientific Council’s funds to the best science, it is also essential that we produce high-quality reviews in order to provide adequate feedback to the applicants.

The work of reviewing grant applications is the foundation of the Scientific Council’s activities. Serving as a member of one of the Scientific Council’s Review Panels is an important commission of trust. My experience is that it naturally involves a considerable amount of work, but the work is interesting and rewarding since it offers an overview of a broader area of science than we normally encounter in our daily lives as researchers. I hope you will appreciate working in the review process. Your assessments will have a profound impact on the type and quality of the research in natural and engineering sciences being performed in Sweden in the future.

Welcome as a reviewer for the Swedish Research Council!

Lars Kloo
Secretary General
Natural and Engineering Sciences, the Swedish Research Council

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