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Most welcome as a reviewer of scientific proposals at the Swedish Research Council within the area of Development research. The government of Sweden has assigned the Swedish Research Council to prepare, review and decide on grant applications within Development research. We are responsible for both project research grants as well as the international collaboration grant Swedish Research Links.

The instruction for reviewers will guide you through the process of reviewing applications. It contains instructions on how to use the review system, policies to adhere to, and the roles and responsibilities of the different members of the review organisation. Some of the instructions differ from the instructions valid within the Swedish Research Council’s other scientific areas. It is therefore important that you are familiar with the specific instructions even though you may have been a reviewer within another scientific area. Hence, it is important that you read through the instruction as well as the appendices. Specific instructions on how to use the review functions in our new application and grant management system Prisma is also included from page 36 in this document. You will also receive support and information from the council staff or the chair of your review panel throughout the evaluation process.

I hope that you will find your work as a reviewer interesting and rewarding.

Kerstin Sahlin
Secretary General for Humanities and Social Sciences and for Development research at the Swedish Research Council

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