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Target Groups
Our priority target group are researchers, since financing research is one of the most important missions of the Swedish Research Council. Other target groups are decision-makers, journalists, and the public.

The Swedish Research Council stands behind the information presented on www.vr.se. We are not responsible for the content of material on other websites that can be accessed via the links presented on our website.

Since the information presented on the website is general, it should not be used as the only source in making decisions on important matters. Although we aim to present high-quality content on our website, it is not possible to completely avoid errors. If material on the website differs from text published by the Swedish Research Council in decision papers, reports, etc, then the version in print should be used.

If you use or download information from this website, or from any link on this website, you do so at your own responsibility and risk. Visitors to the website are solely responsible for any damage or problems affecting computer systems after downloading information from this website.

External Links
You may show a link to www.vr.se but you may not use the logo of the Swedish Research Council to indicate a link to our website. This practice avoids uncertainty about who is responsible for information on the website where the link is placed. Design the link to open a new window for the Swedish Research Council´s website, i.e. it should not be placed in the frameset of another website.

eGovernmentexternal link, opens in new window has developed guidelines for how to work with websites in the public sector in Sweden, for Vägledning för webbutveckling. external link, opens in new windowOur website aims to meet as many of the guidelines as possible.

Web Browser
Our website works best with modern web browsers, e.g. the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, or Safari (Mac). Older web browsers will show the same content, but not the design.

The Swedish Research Council uses cookies on all its websites. According to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act (2003:389), visitors to websites shall be informed that the website contains cookies, and why they are used. As a visitor, you must also give your consent to the use of cookies.

Read more about cookies on our website

The Swedish Research Council is a state authority. Hence, messages that you send to us are public documents that can be released according to the “principle of public access to official documents". The Swedish Research Council is responsible for managing personal information on this website.

You have the right to request personal information that is managed by the Swedish Research Council and that concerns you. To receive such information, you must send your signed request to us. The Personal Data Act (PuL) specifies that such a request cannot be submitted via e-mail.

Texts, images, and other content on the Swedish Research Council web site are protected by copyright. The copyright is owned by the respective author, photographer, or illustrator.

You are allowed to use and print out material from the web site for private use. For other use, in print or digital media, you need to have the approval of the Swedish Research Council. Send an e-mail to the web editors or to the person in charge of the page in question.

The following applies in general:

  • You may quote texts in accordance with good practice and in a way justified by the context. Always give the name of the author and the source. It is a good idea to provide a link to the site you took the quotation from.
  • You are not allowed to use the images on the Swedish Research Council web site. One exception is made for press images that may be used for journalistic purposes where the Swedish Research Council and its work are described. Always provide the name of the photographer in connection with the image.
  • You may link to vr.se, but do not use the Swedish Research Council logotype to link to our web site without permission.

Director of Communications, Mikael Jonsson is responsible for the structure and content of the website.

Staff members and experts affiliated with the Swedish Research Council are responsible for the written content. The name and e-mail address of the appropriate contact person(s) appear together with the respective documents.

Comments concerning the website may be sent to the webmaster: webbredaktor@vr.se

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Updated: 2017-05-24